The Trust

The Trust was formed in 1983 to administer a revolving fund previously set up by Buckinghamshire County Council for the rescue of historic buildings at risk.

Its members were nominated by the County and local District Councils, by Milton Keynes and by the Bucks Archaeological Society and a conference of other local amenity societies. These bodies and the new Buckinghamshire Council will continue to be represented, but there is now wider option for co-opted membership to cater for relevant special interests and skill sets.

The Trust’s strategy is also changing.  It no longer restricts itself to consideration of cases raised by District conservation officers, but allows for employment of professional specialists to help with the assessment and completion of major projects.

Chairperson:  Dr James Moir

Vice Chair:  Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher

Treasurer:  Chris Howell

Other Trustees:

Cherry Aston

Bill Chapple O.B.E,

Edward Copisarow

Rory Cullen

Roger King

Hugh McCarthy

Marian Miller

Catherine Murray